Utah Snowkiting Lessons

We prefer to instruct with a two lesson/multiple day progression. The Level 1 lesson will teach a student the fundamentals of kite flying and safety. Students that go out on their own and practice with a trainer kite typically do much better in the Level 2 lesson. However, the two separate lessons may be combined in a single session.

Level 1

Snowkiting Lesson 1 includes everything you will need to become a skilled trainer kite pilot and will get you ready to pilot a larger kite. In the lesson, we will go over wind awareness, local meteorology, site evaluation, kite safety, and basic kite flying skills including utilizing the "wind window", assisted launching and landing, power strokes, and equipment maintenance. A trainer kite is yours to keep.

What to Bring. Be prepared for cold temps and lots of wind. Even a sunny winter day can be brutally cold with wind. Plan on wearing two additional layers over what you would wear skiing. We recommend a neck gaiter or bala clava for face protection. Bring hand warmers if you have them. A helmet is required.

Level 2

Snowkiting Lesson 2 will get you riding on skis or a snowboard with a larger power kite. Most of a snowkiter's progression happens after introductory lessons so we focus on teaching techniques that will help keep you safe while you set out on your own. In this lesson we will review Level 1 skills and get introduced to four line kites. We typically use the two most common types of kites (bladder and foil kites) so the student will also be educated in the pro's and con's of each kite. The student will learn snow starts, speed control, turns and transitions. This lesson will take place at Powder Mountain and a day lift ticket is included.

What to Bring. Wear clothing you would typically wear skiing with the addition of a couple extra layers and a bala clava. It can get cold standing around, however, a few minutes of snowkiting will have you shedding the extra layers. A helmet is required.

Guided Excursions. Ask about our Monte Cristo backcountry and snowmobile assisted kite excursions. If you're on vacation and visiting Ogden Valley, we offer a guided get-to-know-the-area package for $75/hour. We will educate you on local meteorology, riding areas, and will assist your kite session.

Rentals. If you're already a proficient snowkiter and just need some good equipment during your stay here, we rent Best and Ozone kites, harnesses, and helmets. Call for prices.

Liability Waiver

Please read the following waiver, print, reread, sign and submit the following waiver to your instructor before taking lessons. The signed date must be the day of instruction.

Liability Waiver


The most common feedback we get is "man that was cool. When can I get that Level 2 Lesson?" and "aaah man that was cool, where can I get a kite and how much does it cost?". We appreciate your comments especially if you can think of anything that will make future lessons better. Thanks for attending a UKA lesson.

Using the natural power of the wind, a snow kite and a pair of skis can also take you deep in to the untouched powder, that only heli-skiers and ski tourers could reach before. However, even a flat field can be a playground with a kite and snow!

Wind power is one of life's few free rides and already snow kiting enthusiasts have achieved incredible things. From a ground breaking unsupported journey to the North Pole and back to huge kite powered adventures through Alaska, the world of winter sports is embracing this new fantastic new sport. The potential is simply limitless.