Welcome to Utah Kite Addiction

"When you feel the power and addiction of snowkiting, it leaves you with the need for more. When you get more, you begin to want to share the excitement with others."

Utah Snowkiting Lessons

Utah Kite Addiction, based in beautiful Ogden Valley, is the first and only PASA Certified Snowkiting School in Utah dedicated to sharing the addiction of snowkiting. Surrounded with riding areas like Powder Mountain, Monte Cristo, Pineview Reservoir, and local fields, this is the perfect place to learn to snowkite. In a rare event it is not blowing at one of these locations, enjoy a day of skiing or boarding at Powder Mountain and Snowbasin Resorts or a day of snowmobiling at Monte Cristo.

We safely and affectively teach our clients the fundamentals of snowkiting thus starting their journey into the sport of snowkiting and kite riding. Other forms of kite riding include kiteboarding on water, kitesurfing waves, kite land boarding, and kite buggying. Learning to snowkite is the easiest and safest way to get into kite riding.


Bet365 in Indonesia will host one of the biggest events for any form of kiting. If you are interested you can visit bet365.com website and read more about organization and rules. There is information about how you can become part of this incredible event.


Any form of kiting is highly addictive. Do not participate in this sport if you are having difficulties at work, school, with your marriage or family. You will feel the addiction after your first trainer kite session. It will leave you with the need for more. Feeling the power of a big kite and the adrenaline high that comes with the act will deepen the addiction. Once kite riding, you will spend countless hours watching weather reports and fabricating your own weather predictions. You will spend excessive late night hours on kite forums. You will begin spending a large sum of money on kites, boards, and gas. You will alienate yourself from the general population with your constant kite chatter with few people to understand your addiction. Participate in this sport only if you have a strong constitution.